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Klaus W Larres
Selected Speaking Engagements
   Selected Papers & Talks, 2013-2004:   

  • "The Economic Policies of the Obama Administration: the Euro crisis and beyond,"
    Sorbonne, Paris, France [March, 2013; forthcoming].

  • "NATO: Current Problems and Developments," Women's Contemporary Politics Group,
    Raleigh, NC [February, 2013; forthcoming]

  • "Crisis Politics: The EU in the post-Cold War world from the Maastricht Treaty to the
    Euro Debacle," American Historical Association (AHA), annual conference, New
    Orleans, LA [January, 2013].

  • Talk and panel discussant with Robert Dallek at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA,
    on current developments in US foreign policy and transatlantic relations [November
    30, 2012]

  • Two papers on "Obama's Foreign Policy and the 'Asian Pivot'," delivered at
    Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, to an
    audience of selected policy makers, military and diplomats.  Also paper to students
    on the Cold War at Thammasat University [November, 2012]

  • "Peacemakers - Attlee, Churchill, Macmillan. British Attempts to Find a Cold War
    Settlement," Duke University, Durham, NC [November, 2012]

  • "Transatlantic Relations and the Euro crisis," talk and panelist at UNC Chapel Hill
    [November 2012]

  • "Helmut Kohl, Margaret Thatcher and German-British Conflicts about Europe," Konrad-
    Adenauer-Stiftung conference center, Candenabia/Bellagio, Italy [September 2012]

  • "The Obama administration and Europe," Georgetown Senior Center [March 2012]

  • "Obama and the Euro crisis," American University, Washington, DC [February 2012].

  • "Obama and a World in Turmoil: The Cases of Europe and Egypt," lecture at the
    Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, Egypt, November 18, 2011.

  • "War and the Global Economy: A Comparison of the 1970s with the Crisis in the
    Contemporary World," paper given at the American University of Cairo, Egypt,
    November 17, 2011.

  • „Nixon's Frankenstein Monster: The U.S. and European Unity," paper given at Yale
    University, March 31, 2011.

  • Introductory talk and moderation of after-dinner discussion with Andrew Feldman, co-
    chairman of the British Conservative Party, under the umbrella of the Atlantic
    Partnership, Georgetown Club, Washington, DC, 11 November 2010.

  • „Europe and Transatlantic Relations from Churchill to the present," seminar, American
    University, Washington, DC, 8 November 2010.

  • "Kissinger and European Integration," paper to the German Studies Association (GSA)
    conference, Oakland, CA, October 2010.

  • Introduction/discussion paper in the context of a book talk by Steven Hill on his book
    Europe’s Promise, at the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations, Washington, DC, 18
    May 2010.

  • „Obama and Europe: The Economic, Investment and Trade Dimensions," paper at a
    doctoral workshop on „Regional Economic Integration: Researching Transatlantic
    Collaboration and Competition Dimensions," Georgia Tech University, Atlanta,
    Georgia, 15 May 2010.

  • "The British Election: What Happened and What does it Mean?" paper and
    subsequently panelist, roundtable discussion at Johns Hopkins University/SAIS,
    Washington, DC, on 7 May 2010 (the event was covered by a TV crew from the
    Hongkong TV channel Phoenis).

  • "Churchill's Cold War Revisited," Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC; U.S.
    National History Center, February 14,  2010  [for the video, click on the title].

  • "The U.S. and Transatlantic Relations from Nixon to Obama," Warwick University, UK,
    October 2010.

  • "Three Presidents, three Policies: Nixon, Bush, Obama, and Europe," Library of
    Congress, September 2010.

  • 'Obama and Europe,' Johns Hopkins University: School of Advanced International
    Studies (SAIS), March 31, 2010.

  • 'Transatlantic Relations from Bush to Obama,' University of Innsbruck, Austria,
    January 2010.

  • 'The U.S. and the Unity of Europe, from Truman to Obama', American Institute of
    Contemporary German Studies (AICGS), Washington, DC, December 2009.

  • 'The United States and European Integration during the Cold War,' paper at workshop
    at the Library of Congress, December 2009.

  • 'Europe, the United States and Transatlantic Relations since 1945,' George Mason
    University, Fairfax, Virginia, December, 2009.

  • 'The United States and the Unity of Europe', paper at Georgetown University,
    Washington, DC, November 2009.

  • 'The "War on Terror" and Transatlantic Relations from the Cold War to the post-9/11
    years,' Temple University, Philadelphia, November 2009.

  • 'The UK and the Repercussions of German Unification in Europe,' AICGS annual
    conference on "New Developments in European Identity," New York, 4 November,

  • 'Franco-German Relations in the Age of Obama, Merkel and Sarkozy', paper at Johns
    Hopkins University/SAIS, October 2009.

  • "German-American Relations during the tenure of Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and
    Hilary Clinton," German Studies Association conference, Washington, DC, 9 October

  • "An Analysis of the Results of the German General Election of 2009," presentation at
    Johns Hopkins University/SAIS, Washington, DC, 27. September 2009.

  • "Leadership and War: Winston S. Churchill," paper to a conference on "Bringing
    Personality Back In. Leadership and War. A British German Comparison, 1740-1945,"
    organized by the German Historical Institute London and the Prince Albert Society,
    held in Coburg, Germany, September 2009.

  • Introduction to a lecture on "American Conservatism" at the Library of Congress,
    Washington, DC,  August 2009.

  • "Britain and the Cold War – A Structural Analysis", paper to the annual conference on
    Contemporary British History, London, 22-24 June 2009.

  • "William Appleman Williams and Europe: Influence and Impact," paper to a
    conference on the importance of William’s seminal book "The Tragedy of American
    History," organized by Lloyd Gardner, Rutgers University, NJ, April 2009.

  • “Austria – a semi-neutral country?”, paper to a conference on “Neutrality and
    European Security Governance during and after the Cold War”, Cyprus Center for
    European and International Affairs, Nicosia, Cyprus, April 2009.  

  • "The Northern Irish Peace Process," paper to a conference on international peace
    processes, Action for UN Renewal Group, London, March 2009.

  • "The Weimar Republic and Hitler’s Rise to Power," paper to a Sixth form conference,
    Belfast, December 2008.

  • "Germany and the USA: Political Relations since the 1970s," paper to a conference of
    the BISA working group on German foreign policy, Akademie der Politischen Bildung,
    Tutzing, September 2008.

  • "Sitting on the Fence: Britain and European Integration from Churchill to Blair and
    Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, June 2008.

  • Chair and commentator of a panel on the pursuit of Nazi criminals and crimes in post-
    1945 Germany, Bi-annual Austrian Contemporary History Conference, University of
    Innsbruck, May 2008.

  • Paper on "The United States and European Integration in the 1970s," University of
    Cologne, November 2007.

  • "Hitler's Rise to Power," paper to a Sixth form conference, University of Ulster,
    Belfast, November 2007.

  • Paper on "Germany, the USA, and the Gulf Wars of 1991 and 2003," given to the
    annual conference of the German Studies Association of the United States (GSA), San
    Diego, October 2007.

  • Paper on "Kissinger and Europe," given to a scholarly conference on the US and
    Europe at the Roosevelt Center, Middelburg, the Netherlands, September 2007.

  • Paper on "The United States and the Rome Treaties of 1957," given to a scholarly
    conference on the "Rome Treaties: 50 Years after," at the University of Hildesheim,
    Germany, May 2007.

  • Paper on "The Turning Points in Transatlantic Relations since World War II," Johns
    Hopkins University, Bologna campus, Italy, March 2007.

  • Paper on "Britain, the US, and Europe since 1957," given to a scholarly conference on
    the history of the EC/EU and organized by the University of Cologne, the NRW
    Ministry for Europe and the EU Commission, Bonn, March 2007.

  • Participation in a round table discussion on the Cold War during a symposium at
    University College Dublin, Ireland, January 2007.

  • Paper on "The UK, the US, and the 1956 Uprising in Hungary," given to a scholarly
    conference on "The Year 1956 and its Resonance in Europe," Berlin, Germany:
    December 2006.

  • Paper on "Churchill's Cold War peace initiatives," European University Institute,
    Florence, Italy, November 2006.

  • Paper on recent trends in German foreign policy to a scholarly conference organized
    by the German Studies Association of the British Political Science Association (PSA),
    Frankfurt/Oder, Germany: September 2006.

  • Commentary & chairmanship of a panel at a scholarly conference on "NATO and the
    Middle East: Out of Area Challenges," ETH Zurich, Switzerland, September 2006.

  • Paper to a scholarly symposium on the legacy of Helmut Kohl, Konrad-Adenauer
    Foundation, St. Augustin, Germany, July 2006.

  • Paper to a conference on Transatlantic Relations, Sorbonne, Paris, June 2006.

  • Paper to the annual conference of the Society of Historians of American Foreign
    Relations (SHAFR), University of Kansas, Lawrence, Ks, USA: June 2006.

  • Paper on "Blair, Bush, Europe and the War against Iraq," to a seminar at Science Po,
    Paris, April 2006.

  • Paper on transatlantic relations at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, January

  • Commentary on a panel on "Germany, the US and the CSCE process in the 1970s,"
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland, November 2005.

  • Paper to a conference on "Germany and NATO, 1955-2005," organized by
    Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt, Potsdam, Germany, September 2005.

  • Paper on the British perception of Adenauer's Moscow visit, given to a symposium on
    "Adenauer's Visit to Moscow, 1955," Bonn, Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, September

  • Participation in roundtable discussion on developments in international relations,
    Library of Congress, Veterans History Project, Washington, DC, May 2005.

  • Two papers on "Churchill's Cold War" and on "the British Higher Education System,"
    National University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, March 2005.

  • Paper at the University of Bath, UK, December 2004.

  • Paper to a conference on Transatlantic Relations, University of Nijmwegen, The
    Netherlands: December 2004.

  • Paper to a conference on "Anglo-French Relations in the 20th and 21st century,"
    University of Rouen, France, November 2004.

  • Paper to a Nexus symposium on "Globalisation and International Governance," Library
    of Congress, Washington, DC, November 2004.

  • Paper to a symposium on British-German relations, University of Birmingham, UK,
    October 2004.

  • Paper to the annual meeting of the Transatlantic Studies Association, University of
    Dundee, UK, July 2004.

  • Paper to the annual conference of the Society of Historians of American Foreign
    Relations (SHAFR), University of Texas, Austin, USA: June 2004.

  • Paper to a symposium on "Churchill and America," Institute of Advanced Studies,
    University of London, UK, June 2004.

  • Paper on international relations to a Sixth form conference, London, UK, March 2004.

  • Introductory paper, moderator and organizer of a televised public symposium on
    "Statecraft and America's Role in the World," with Brent Scowcroft, Zbigniew
    Brzezinski and Richard Holbrooke, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, March 2004.

  • Paper to a symposium on the foreign policy of Winston Churchill, Library of Congress,
    Washington, DC, February 2004.

to be continued...