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Klaus W Larres

  • Interviews, commentaries and participation in political and historical discussion rounds for CCTV, CNN
    International, BBC World TV, Voice of America, Sky TV, ARD, ZDF, ntv (Germany), Deutsche Welle
    TV, Deutsche Welle Radio, C-Span US, BBC World Radio, Deutschlandfunk, Radio Netherlands
    International, Info Radio Berlin, BBC Radio Ulster, Radio Bavaria, Australian Broadcasting
    Cooperation, and others.

  • Articles, interviews, commentaries, consultations, book reviews etc for newspapers and news
    agencies such as the Guardian, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine
    Zeitung, Christian Science Monitor, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Kölnische Rundschau, Aargauer Zeitung,
    Switzerland, Library of Congress, Reuters, Associated Press, British Foreign and Commonwealth
    Office, and others.

  • Consultancy work for and Council member of the Gerson Lehman Group, the New York based
    international consultancy firm.


  • CCTV, live TV interview on Turkish economy and Turkey's relations with Europe [broadcast from a
    studio at UNC Chapel Hill, NC [December 10, 2012].

  • CCTV, live TV interview as part of their main news program on Obama's visit to SE Asia and the
    Chinese Premier's visit to Thailand [broadcast live from a studio in Bangkok, November 22, 2012]

  • Interview with Bangkok Post journalist on Obama's forthcoming visit to Thailand and SE Asia
    [November 13, 2012]

  • Long phone interview with Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland, on Presidential candidate Romney's foreign
    policy platform [August 22, 2012]

  • CCTV, live TV interview as part of their main news program on new developments in the Euro crisis
    [June 29, 2012]

  • Wilson Center TV, interview in Dialogue series on my current book project and the repercussions of
    the Euro zone crisis on international politics [June 27, 2012]

  • CCTV, live TV interview as part of their main news program on the Euro crisis [June 22, 2012]

  • CCTV, live TV interview as part of their main news program on French parliamentary elections and the
    Euro crisis [June 10, 2012]

  • Interview with Voice of America, Washington, DC, on Greece and the Euro crisis [May 23, 2012]

  • Long interview with Deutsche Welle, Bonn, on "Romney's Foreign Policy platform" [February 2, 2012]

    December 13, 2011 [interview was conducted in German].

  • Telephone interview with a journalist on the display of leadership in the 2010-11 Euro
    crisis as compared with past crises (December 1, 2011).

  • 2010-12: Approximately fifteen live radio talk shows with interview host Morton Mecklosky on
    contemporary historical and current affairs issues for WUSB 90.1 FM (the radio station of the State
    University of New York at Stony Brook, NY) [listen here live to WUSB 90.1 FM - windows media

  • BBC World TV: interview on "French President Sarkozy's visit to Obama in Washington, DC," March

  • Deutschlandfunk, Cologne, on Tony Blair's appreance before the Iraq War Inquiry Commission in
    London, on 29 January 2010: Interview Podcast

  • Deutsche Welle, Bonn, on Angela Merkel and the USA: "Continuity rules in Germany's foreign policy
    toward the Americas,", 18 November 2009: Link to text of interview

  • BBC Radio Ulster, Belfast, "Sunday Sequence" programmes, August and September 2009 on
    respectively "Pope Pius XII and Nazi Germany" and on "Angela Merkel and the German election of

  • Press TV, London, 12 March 2009: Participation in round table discussion on The United States and
    the Global War Industry (55 min.)

  • BBC Radio Ulster, Belfast, "Sunday Sequence" programme, 30 November 2008: Participation in round
    table discussion on 'Bader Meinhof' film.

  • Various interviews for a number of radio stations such as Deutschlandfunk and info Radio Berlin on
    contemporary political issues during 2008 and 2007. For instance:

  • Radio interview (Deutschlandfunk) on 2 May 2008 regarding Gordon Brown & the local elections in
    England and Wales s                                                                                                             
  • Interview on Franco-British relations under Brown and Sarkozy, printed in        Aargauer Zeitung
    (Switzerland),27 March 2008

  • Interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide, on 26 March 2008 on Franco-British        relations

  • Radio Ulster, Belfast, "Sunday Sequence" programme, 21 January 2007: Discussion with right-wing
    historian David Irving